Dec 2013 / One year on

It’s been just over a year since we launched the shades. It’s been great making direct sales and getting positive feedback about how they’ve change rooms and spaces for the better. What’s been really noticable is the number of people who’ve picked up on the quality of the finish – that’s a testament both to the skill of the spinners and sprayers and the amount of time we invested in testing and prototyping.

We’re now shown in three shops – Dowse and Unlimited in Brighton, and Vanil in Woodbridge. We’re really hoping to push this in 2014 as there’s no subsitute for seeing the shades in person, understanding their scale, and how they work with different bulbs and flex.

… And in November we moved all our stock and packaging to purpose built racking in New England House – it makes a huge difference having everything in one place!

So anyway, thanks to everyone so far who’s looked at, liked or even bought one. We owe you!